The Marchesi Fumanelli wineries are located on the Squarano estates in the heart of the most Classic Vapollicella region, on the top of the most dominating hill of the valley and surrounded by vineyards. It is a place where guests are welcomed to stop and enjoy the views, the wines, the food and the history of the surrounding area. The villa was built by the Fumanelli nobile family in the seventeenth century and to this day preserves both parts of the original Roman architecture and inscriptions of the temple dedicated to the goddess, “Flora” built by the Romans when they planted the vines more than a thousand years ago. It is here at Squarano, among the ancient ruins, that fine wines with cherry and cypress aromas have been produced since 1470. The wines themselves have the colors of the tradition they embody. The aging of the wine is done now-a-days just as it was back then, in cellars of antique tuff barrels dating back to the ‘600, while the vinification process is supported by more modern technologies.
Guests are “captured” by the magical atmosphere that the owners have masterfully been able to preserve over the course of the years.
The wineries and the vineyards are open to the public for visits and tastings by reservation.
Soc. Agricola Marchesi Fumanelli

via Squarano
37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

Fax +39 045 6831392
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