Mizzon Winery is an historical company located in the heart of Valpolicella, that has its roots in a long farming tradition. From the second World War the grandfather Giuseppe Mizzon and his family, started from the tillage of vegetables to finally the wine production. From the beginning they were recognized for their passion, devotion and for excellent quality result, so for this reason they didn’t hesitate to buy new vineyards. In the following years, they won prizes, especially for a typical wine of Valpolicella, the “Recioto”. Unfortunately his brother died; so Giuseppe decide to follow his passion, the breeding. Destiny decides for him; in fact, when he received the first two calves, the same night someone stolen them. It was a fortune, cause Giuseppe with the production of wines, became soon the “King of Recioto”. Among the grandchildren, only the youngest Nicola has got the passion to continue the wine tradition. Just finished his studies, started working in the winery with the grandfather Giuseppe. In 2010 he took over the winery. The entrance of Nicola, completely revamped the workings, adding new techniques and technologies to his grandfather traditions. This allows to Mizzon Winery to become one of the best winery of Valpolicella. Despite of Giuseppe Mizzon pass over the December 2015, Nicola preserve his motto: < to us the joy of preserving the art, to you the pleasures of enjoy the emotions>
Az.Agr. MIZZON di Perusi Nicola

Via Quar, 23
37029 Pedemonte (VR)

Fax +39 045 6858063
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