We produce wines since 1892. At present we operate in a widespread manner on the domestic market and, since the early fifties, we export to the major international markets with a costantly rising trend. Of French origins, we are established in the heart of Valpolicella and our flag products are the typical wines from Verona like Soave, Custoza, Valpolicella, Amarone, Ripasso e Recioto. Moved, since ever, by a deep passion for wine and vineyards, led by a long experience, we keep up with the progress and peculiarity of this charming world always changing. Innovators and with an open-mind towards new technologies our belief is, at the same time, to operate with the minimal interference in the natural process of growing in order to save the integrity of the lands as much as possible. That's why we are proud and we like to be part of the Magis project, because, we Montresor, winegrowers of the fourth generation are “ecofriendly” more than ever: because our vineyards are our lives.

Via Ca' di Cozzi 16
37124 Verona

Fax +39 045 8342456
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