At the end of the 19th century Mr Antonio began to produce and sell wine, above all locally, with the famous straw flasks. Antonio was also nicknamed "Toni Recioto" from the homonym Verona sweet straw wine. It was in 1920 that his son Annibale Bennati registered the company with the name Cantine Bennati (Bennati Wineries). The purchase of some hectares north of Cazzano took place in those years. This area was already denominated in topographic maps of that time "Cornalè", which is a current range of wines of the Bennati family. After the second world war, with the entry in the company of the young sons Ezio and Aldo, the winemaking expanded reaching all the most important varieties of Verona wines.
Thus the selection Soraighe arose, an area located on the borderline between the Val Tramigna and the Val D'Alpone, exalting in a deeper and more remarkable way the great Verona wines. In this period important investments in technology took place, in particular the purchase of a big wine barrel cellar (barricaia) for the refining of the red wines, giving a significant qualitative boost to the entire production chain. Positive judments and prize-giving from some wine guidebooks are the confirmation of the big sacrifices and the successe obtained during years.
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