Roccolo Grassi was created in 1996 with the purpose of producing important wines in an area which in our view has a great potential for producing high quality wines that can age very well in the bottle as years go by. It was also the result of a great passion for the world of wine but only high-quality wines, that is, bottles that can produce great enthusiasm in the consumer. We try to produce wines endowed with character and personality identifiable with the territory and in the Roccolo Grassi style, wines capable of thrilling and living on unforgettably in the consumer's memory. This requires a great deal of work, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, trying not to ruin , but rather preserve the raw material, which represents the driving force behind our production. The respect for the integrity of the fruit allows us to express the grape's full potential in each wine we make, that is, a respectful enology that preserves the grapes. Our plans are ambitious, yet we desire to preserve Roccolo Grassi as a family run business. The goal of Marco, Francesca and their father Bruno is to harvest superior quality grapes and to produce relatively small quantities of outstanding wine. Therefore the quantity of bottles yield will varies depending on the vintage.
Az.Agr. ROCCOLO GRASSI Soc.Agr. Semplice

Via S.Giovanni di Dio, 19
37030 Mezzane di Sotto (VR)

Fax +39 045 8889000
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