There’s an history, an ancient tradition, that links the Trabucchi family from Illasi to vineyard-growing, to love towards nature and towards neighbor. These values are proved in a lifetime allegiance, in a natural calling to combine work and social commitment. Working, teaching, in total commitment as public servant and in their company activities, they ever had oriented their intellectual activity towards substantial values, with attention for the community. Consequently, in production and transformation of rural products, the family maintained the maximum attention to health respect and to environment’s beauty, making innovations, and finding solutions able to transfer to grapes all the substances contained in the soil. It was from this believes that they decided to convert all the production to organic, certification obtained in 1993. So wine meets the body and become strength and energy, in right balance. Between our senses and healthy properties, that every plant possesses, it came about a relationship, almost an emotional link: the pleasure senses provoke to us tasting those natural wines, the sensorial perceptions, memories, experiences, live imagination, stimulate our mind and which in turn produce a great awareness desire.
Az. Agr. Trabucchi d'Illasi di Fernanda Nanni Sparavieri

Loc. Monte Tenda
37030 Illasi (VR)

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