The farm business was born in 2001 for a bet of a man, Franco Elampini: producing good wine with the grapes of his own fields, just how it used to be in the past. The wine cellar: in the heartland of Valpolicella, the wine cellar vigna ‘800 houses the finest wines of our tradition. A place of taste and pleasure in order to appreciate the terroir of one of the most beautiful areas in italy. The Wines: Valpolicella classico, Valpolicella superiore ripasso, Amarone, and Recioto represent the core of the farm business Vigna ‘800. Gianfranco Elampini has renamed them as El campanar, La cesolina and Virgo Moron: these were the classic names of the wines coming from the traditional local history of Verona.
Vigna 800 di Elampini Gianfranco

Via Moron 46
37024 Negrar (VR)

Fax +39 045 6000133
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