Villa Spinosa lies at the heart of the Valpolicella Classica at the foot of the Colle Masua hill in Negrar.
The historic buildings that look onto the ancient farmyards, today house the winery and accommodation run by Enrico Cascella Spinosa.
The most precious parts of the Villa Spinosa estate are the 20 hectares of vineyards that make up the Jago, Figari and Costa del Busco cru vineyards. These are located at an elevation between 225 and 423m and are planted with Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella vines, the traditional grapes of the Valpolicella area.
The care of the vineyards, attentive drying of the grapes in the fruit drying loft and skill in the cellar procedures are responsible for the high quality of the Valpolicella wines that Villa Spinosa produces and provides for tastings and purchase at the “Enoteca in Tinaia” wine shop.
Az. Agr. VILLA SPINOSA di Enrico Cascella Spinosa

Via Jago dall'Ora 16
37024 Negrar (VR)

Fax +39 045 7500093
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