The Zanoni family has cultivated vineyards and produced wines in the Valpolicella region since the early 1900's. Since 1998, Pietro Zanoni has been carrying on the tradition, crafting wines made from grapes produced on his estate. The roughly 6.5 hectares of vineyards are divided into three properties in the Valpolicella, between the hills north of Verona. The vineyards have been newly updated, and have been converted to a high-density guyot trellis system. The vineyards pest and fungal management done in targeted matter and the between the fields grass is sown for organic fertilization. Rigorous work in the vineyard is aimed to produce a reduced yeald per hectare and to help each bunch to achieve perfect ripeness. While producing soly Valpolicella wines, particular attention is given to respect its particular territorial identity and to its unique grape varietals. Therefore we propose a well recognizable interpretation of this region wines and its denomination.
Az. Agr. Zanoni Pietro

Via Are Zovo, 16/D
37125 Quinzano (VR)

Fax +39 045 8343977
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