Zýmē is a greek word meaning “yeast”, an essential element of the winemaking remindind nature and fermentation as constant change. Relating to this philosophy the logo represents the leaf of a vine with a pentagon, symbol of the 5 elements of wine: man-vine-soil-sun-water. To re-establish a harmonic relationship between man and nature is the beginning of a new humanism where man is guardian of his territory by protecting and reforming it with a new interpretation. Sustainability and readability of the final product through the respect of nature are the fundaments of Celestino Gaspari’s approach to wine. Tradition and innovation are as 2 parallel lines on wich Zymè’s production moves, respecting Valpolicella’s wines on one hand and putting beside new wines renewing and enhancing the territory at the same time. Culture, history, tradition, innovation, a glass of wine can be many things but in Celestino Gaspari’s heart is like yeast for one’s mind and the growth of a new project: that is Zýmē.
Az.Agricola Zýmē di Celestino Gaspari

Via Ca' del Pipa 1
37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

Fax +39 045 6831477
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