Our winery is the story of a family that has deep roots in the area of Verona. Since 1925, we have been producing wine and since 1984, organic wine. In 2006 we started using biodynamic practices. Our mission is to produce wine with the least possible environmental impact, while protecting the consumer.

“A healthy environment is able to defend itself and gives back healthy fruits rich in nutrients” - Natalino Fasoli -

“To return to a system in harmony, you must now change the logic of profit: quality must take over quantity ” - Amadio Fasoli -

Organic farming refuse to use chemical pesticides and the biodynamic method, used by the company, aims to increase the vitality of the plants, recovering the ancient knowledge of the farmers, guardians of the land, who were working in harmony with the rhythms of nature. We are our first consumers and we sell only what we love to drink.
Az. Agricola Fasoli Gino di Fasoli Amadio e Natalino Soc. Agr.

Via Cesare Battisti 47
37030 Colognola Ai Colli (VR)

Fax +39 045 6152491
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