The valley of Fumane.
The powerful and silent soul of our dream.
The echo of the earth that gets to our hearts.

A story that starts in 1679 in Vienna. A family of vintners, flee the Black Death, crossed Europe to come to Valpolicella.crosses Europe until they reach the Valpolicella. A journey that goes through the story, and today with Mom Ada and his three sons Giambattista, David and Tiziano Ugolini drive the company. A good wine that comes from healthy grapes, which they are born and grow in an equally healthy environment. This is why there is a great deal of attention to agronomic management in harmony with nature and landscape. Thanks to the elimination of all chemicals, there is a balanced environment that it has allowed the return of so many insects and birds useful to the grape, that they had disappeared in recent years. Protecting and exalting biodiversity does not only benefit the environment but also the grape and wine. The wines of the Tenuta Ugolini are created in the valley of Fumane, a river valley and two volcanoes (Fumana and Santa Maria Valverde) have generated a land rich of minerals and different geological and morphological characteristics. These differences in the underground create the organoleptic expressions of wines. 22 acres stretching from the valley and reaching the heights of Mount Solane At 650 mt.
Società agricola Tenute Ugolini S.S

Strada di Bonamico 11
37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

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