The Dal Cero family has been producing wine for more than three generations, painstakingly carrying out every single step of the process, from caring for the vineyard through to bottling the wine. Winery founder Augusto Dal Cero displayed a deepseated respect for local winemaking traditions, and his sons Dario and Giuseppe adopted that as their mission as well. That fundamental philosophy evolved over time to include as well the Dal Ceros’ commitment to ensuring that their wines express to the fullest extent the character of their terroir.
Love for their own place of origin served as the driving force for the acquisition of this tenuta by the third generation of the Dal Cero family, a corner of earth with utterly distinctive characteristics, both geographic and geologic, a naturally-formed terrace with a view down over the city of Verona.
With the launching of this project, the Dal Cero family strengthened the continuity of those values first established in 1934 by their grandfather Augusto when he founded the family business: respect for the values of the earth, for sustainability of the terroir, and direct, personal evaluation of the land and its qualities.
For this reason, Alberto, Davide, Nico, and Francesca DAL CERO placed their individual signatures on the labels of their wines, in this way testifying to the importance of the challenge they have taken up: to be a leading producer in a production area as prestigious as Valpolicella, distinctive and influential for the qualities of approachability and richness of their wines.
DAL CERO F.lli Soc. Agricola

Via Moschina 11
37030 Roncà (VR)

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