Passion is the link between knowledge old and new. Dedication to the land, a deep love for and devotion to the vine and its wines, enthusiasm and an open approach towards learning and development. These are all values which characterise the Pieropan family.
100 YEARS OF WINEMAKING. Since 1890, four generations have contributed to the history of the Pieropan family business, each one bringing a different approach depending on their own knowledge and the understanding of the time, while still remaining true to traditional values.
“I love this land because I was born and brought up here and it is here that I grew to love the world of wine of which I feel very much a part. My passions are not casual or impromptu, nor do they spring from nowhere: they fall into the slow maturing category, taking root in the heart and from there taking over the soul.”...
Soc. Agricola Pieropan s.s.

Via Giulio Camuzzoni, 3
37038 Soave (VR)

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