The winery is located in the middle of the vineyards, in the Antanè area. The newly restored rural property features the latest equipment and hence interconnects modernity and tradition. The winemaking processes are strictly controlled with the latest technology and the result is wine of very high standards. The Winery of Ville di Antanè with 20 hectares in the heart of Valpantena Valley, in the Valpolicella district, was born out of the necessity: returning to the essence of things, getting away from the hustle and back in contact with earth, without dismissing the advantages of modern production techniques. Two worlds meet and draw the best from the synergy betw een modernity and tradiction creating excellent wines. We could talk to you about the love for wine and the art of winemaking, a contunus search for quality within the trradition- Verona is the beating heart of wine, with an ancient history: quality is a fact. Instead we’ll tell yo of a new story of three young guys who decided to return to manual labor, to work their way forward with passion and enthusiasm.
Le Ville di Antanè s.r.l.

Via Mezzomonte 22 - Loc. Sezano
37142 Verona

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