Corte Canella is a family, who put herself out there to bottle passion and enthusiasm. We are a company, which was born nowadays. The history of our cellar started in 2009, and every day we write a new piece of it. We were born thanks to our dad Francesco’s passion, and we wanted to give a name to all the work, which are made every day by us with love. Our aim is to produce a wine, which leaves our mark. A good wine is produced starting from a healthy and monitored grapes. Indeed we want to control all the development of vigna during every steps. Our purpose is to catch the nuances of a luxurious land like ours, to give to our wines the right depth. Thanks to the innovative cellar we can supervise with a extreme precision every steps, which transform the grapes to wine. Born with the agricultural in blood, a traditional lifestyle and the dream to know how the vigna is, more than a simple bunch.

Via Canella 14
37031 Cellore d’Illasi (Verona)

Fax +39 045 7834869
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