The existence of Cà dei Frati is known to date back to 1782, according to documentary evidence referring to a "house with a wine cellar in Lugana, in the land of Sermion, called the place of the friars". In 1939, Felice Dal Cero, son of Domenico, who used to grow vines in Montecchia di Crosara, near Verona, moved to this house in Lugana di Sirmione, having divined the area's winemaking potential.
After thirty years labouring in the vineyard and cellar, Felice's son Pietro helped develop the DOC denomination of controlled origin in 1969, bottling his first Lugana Casa dei Frati. In 2012, Pietro Dal Cero passed away, however his winemaking expertise has been passed onto his wife, Santa Rosa and his children, Igino, Gian Franco and Anna Maria, who run the business with the same passion and determination as their ancestors. Mutual respect, a united family, clearly defined roles and close links with local tradition on the banks of Lake Garda are the main strengths of the Dal Cero family. Cà dei Frati cherishes the past and looks to the future, focusing on research and developing what has been built up in 70 years of winemaking.
Az.Agr. CA' DEI FRATI di Dal Cero Pietro & Figli

Via dei Frati, 22
25019 Lugana di Sirmione (BS)

Fax +39 030 9197072
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