Mario Lavarini is the founder of the Agricultural company Camporeale located in the classical area of Valpolicella known for it's wines, which are both famous and appreciated worldwide. Mario and his children Luca, Sabrina and Marco have carried on this traditional craft by keeping in contact with nature resulting in the creation of an exceptional quality product. The dedication when transforming the grapes into wine is carried out in a series of accurately followed steps where all the family is involved in the knowledge that this proud tradition is being maintained.
The Agricultural company Camporeale is, today, an expression of a long standing traditional vinification set in the classical area of Valpolicella. Mario, rich in experience gained over the years thanks to the teaching of his grandparents and parents, today proposes to his clients a company which maintains the tradition of a time gone by combined with the art of renovating whilst still keeping ties with the land with which they work. Thereon enhancing the culture, flavors and special tastes of their territory. This tradition and modernity in perfect harmony produces, for this company, wines which are 'unique and typical'.
Az. Agricola Camporeale di Mario Lavarini

Via Casa Zamboni 2, Loc. Arbizzano
37024 Negrar (VR)

Fax +39 045 7514253
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