In the heart of the Pantena valley halfway between the city of Verona and the Lessini mountains stands the Cantina della Valpantena or the Pantena Valley Winery, one of the most successful wine producers in the province of Verona. The valley whose name derives from the Greek "pan-theos", the valley of all the gods ,boasts wine making traditions going all the way back to the first century BC. The winery started operations in 1958 as a co-operative association of a number of Veronese vine growers. In a short time however it was able to draw in nearly all the producers in the area. Today the Cantina Valpantena is a successful winery that has made its mark on the world's leading markets through its quality and competitive capacity. Today the winery has two hundred and seventy Veronese vine-growers and has a collective surface area of six hundred hectares of vines, distributed throughout the province's major "controlled denomination of origin" production zones: a diversity of vineyards such as to guarantee a comprehensive range of different wine types . After the merger of the Oleificio delle Colline Veronesi oil mill in 2003 the co-operative took on board a further one hundred and fifty oil producers thus forming an efficient and comprehensive concentration of oil and wine producers on Verona's doorstep. The quality of the product is guaranteed by the complete supervision of every stage of the production process from the vineyard to marketing with the application of the ISO 9001 quality management system and very strict foodstuffs standards such as the BRC and IFS. Awards won at top level international wine competitions are deserved reward for unstinting research aimed at improving quality and production system. All this is the result of the Valpantena's experience and competence, supported by technological, organised and productive systems, which exploit Valpantena's wines, thanks to the continuous qualitative research, according to the best traditions.
Cantina Valpantena Verona S.c.a.

Via Colonia Orfani di Guerra 5/B
37142 Quinto (VR)

Fax +39 045 550883
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