Our history begins in 1986, armed with a lot of good will, a bit of unconsciousness and a few dollars in the pockets, our PATTERN has begun to regain colour and shape. In 2002 with the meeting on biodynamic with Nicolas Joly, has open a New World made up of people, feelings, of little details. We learned (but we are still doing it) to use all our senses. Smell, sight, sound, touch and taste try to bring a little of further knowledge and relationship with OUR FARM. We learned to: smell the rain, see the warmth, touch the energy, feel and taste.. BIODYNIAMIC. Everything is changed.. because we changed giving value and meaning to something that is not always material and visible. Through simple cultural practices we are carriers of improvements and health of the ground, of the vine and the whole farm seen as a living being where elements become a single entity. We consider the ground more than a substrate where vineyards, olive and other trees grow and live. We think that it is the most concrete, solid and vital form of the environment that host us.
Az. Agr. Marinella Camerani

Via Capovilla 28, Loc. Fioi
37030 Mezzane di Sotto (VR)

Fax +39 045 8880477
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