Our surname “Fattori” places us as a someone who worked for a local landowner. Our vineyard history was first documented at the beginning of last century when Antonio, our grandfather, began to plant vines in the hills around the village of Terrossa. Following Antonio, came my father who left us the nucleus of the actual building. We have been running the winery from 1970. I, another of a long series of “Antonio”, was the first of a Veneto farming family who had the possibility to study and obviously, I dedicated to study wine making. New vineyards or saving some of the older ones, cement, wood or stainless steel vats, fermentation at even lower temperatures to search the limits. Nowadays our vineyards are located between 150 to 450 m a/sl and the must is processed in a winery where using non-invasive methods allows us to eliminate, almost totally, the use of chemicals. The world of wine is formed by seasons, situations and conditions that are never the same. The important thing is to search, to attempt with determination, humility and a little of patience.
Soc. Agr. FATTORI di Fattori Giovanni S.S.

Via Olmo, 6
37030 Terrossa di Roncà (VR)

Fax +39 045 6549140
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